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Good Evening:

I wanted to reach out to you this evening to formally introduce myself as the new Chairman of the SEI Mohawk-Hudson Chapter. Myself and Chair Elect Emily Konick were sworn in on Wednesday, October 19th during SEI’s 6th annual Structures Day, hosted at the Italian-American Center in Albany, NY. Thank you if you had the time to attend the event this year. If not, I hope to see you at future events.

I highly encourage all members to attend our monthly meetings. It is a great way to be informed of upcoming events, K-12 outreach opportunities, and great general discussion among like-minded individuals in the structural engineering community. If you have a topic that you feel might be worth discussing in a group setting (technical, ethics, etc.), please email me directly and I will be happy to anonymously post your question as a discussion topic at some point in the year.


Paul M. Byrd, E.I.T., A.M.ASCE

Chairman- ASCE SEI-Mohawk Hudson Chapter

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