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Concrete Repair and Rehab (Non-PDH)

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Practical Concrete Repair and Rehabilitation Techniques for Major Concrete Structures Using ACI 546R-14 INSTRUCTOR: Mohammad Aliaari, Ph.D., S.E., P.E., M.ASCE Course Length: 90 minutes 2 PDH's Purpose and Background Deterioration to existing concrete structures occurs at a fast rate and costs billions of dollars every year. Delaying repairs or temporary and inadequate fixes make the problem worse in a short time. In most cases, it costs much more to repair the structure in a future time and, in some cases, can cause structural failure. Many engineers and contractors are not fully familiar with proper procedure and often perform repairs based on their judgment and prior experiences. This webinar intends to be a roadmap for concrete practitioners for successful and proper concrete repair and rehabilitation projects. It reviews and discusses in detail the latest guide ACI 546R-14 (Guide to Concrete Repair). It presents an overview of entire process including surface preparation, recommendations for the selection and application of repairing materials and methods, protecting and strengthening concrete structures. This webinar is applicable to repairing deteriorated or damaged concrete structures, correcting deficiencies, and strengthening the structure. Primary Discussion Topics: - Importance of addressing concrete damages and deteriorations - Proper concrete removal and surface preparation - Selection and application of materials and methods for concrete repairing - Protective systems and structural strengthening systems Learning Outcomes: Upon completion of this course, you will be able to - Determine the importance of proper and timely concrete repair - Discuss various materials and their selection criteria for appropriate concrete repairs - Obtain skills for utilizing different methods for concrete repair of major structures - Be familiar with ACI 546R-14 (Guide to concrete repair) and have list of several other useful references Webinar Benefits: - Understand the importance of repairing concrete damages - Learn correct techniques for concrete removal and surface preparation - Be familiar with various concrete repair and protective materials - Find out different methods for structural concrete strengthening - Examine proper quality control and quality assurance procedures - Be familiar with ACI 546R-14 (Guide to concrete repair) standard - Discuss several other practical and useful guidelines and references

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